By Anne Murungi

Although everyone wants to have lengthy lovemaking sessions, there are times when we feel like having a a steamy quickie and getting done with it, to do other things. That’s what makes the quickie so awesome, not to mention hot. Here are the best styles for a steamy Quickie;

Babysitting Her
If your movement is limited and you only have space to sit down, try the seated grind or Babysitting style. This position is ideal for a quickie in the car, in a bar or other tight space where you may only have room to sit. The grinding motion allows for minimal movement, so you won’t have to worry about squeaks if you need to stay quiet.
You sit down, while your partner gets on top and straddles you with their legs wrapped around your waist. This creates more friction, compared to an up-and-down motion.

Standing Doggy
Have your partner stand in front of you, bending at a 90-degree angle. Ideally, do this near a wall or table, so your partner has something to hold onto for support. Then enter from behind. You’re getting a great view with this one, and you can do it almost anywhere. The partner who comes from behind has plenty of room to stimulate the receiving partner with their hands or a toy, maximizing pleasure even when you only have a few minute

Shower Sex
Running late to work, but you’re feeling frisky? Get in the shower and romp at the same time. Have one partner lean against the shower wall for support, with one leg lifted. This gives the other partner plenty of room to enter. Since the receiving partner still has one leg on the ground, you can both support yourselves and avoid slippery falls. And yes, shower sex injuries are actually super common.

Sex on the desk
Basically, this position can be done anywhere with a flat surface —think desk, countertop, washer/dryer, etc. The receiving partner sits on a raised surface and spreads their legs, while the other person stands on the floor. Once you’re in a groove, have the receiving partner put their legs on the standing partner’s shoulders for an extra tight squeeze.

Staircase Doggy
With this easy modification on classic doggy style, both partners kneel on the stairs, with the giver one step lower than the receiver. You’ll be perfectly aligned to get right down to business; plus, there’s something super sexy about both of you being so turned on that you’re not even able to make it upstairs to the bedroom.

Sensual Spooning
This is a great position for early morning sex if you’ve already hit the snooze button one too many times. Coming from behind, penetrate your partner while they grind against you. Spooning gives you and your partner plenty of access to stimulate the nipples, clit, balls, and other fun spots all at the same time.

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