These are people who are single and searching for love. You can call, WhatsApp or Send them SMS texts, so that you can set up and appointment.

By Anne Murungi

Hi, I’m Simon aged 23, looking for a sugar lady to have fun with and satisfy her desires. Call me on 0708369760

I’m Ivan, 31 years, looking for a fat rich lady stay with medium size and height, call 0753176937.

Hi guys, I’m Resty, a nice-looking girl, Senga taught me how to please a man, call 0756849820, 0778838085, 0753493517.

Resty is searching, call 0756849820, 0778838085, 0753493517

Hi, I’m Ethan, a Belgian living in Uganda, till the end of December. I need to get in touch with a partner, contact me through my email address [email protected]

Hi, I’m Treavor from Soroti, 32 years, looking for a mature,financially stable beautiful nice looking woman for a serious relationship aged 22-36, contact 0774111491, 0759382712,0797474414.

Hi, I’m a Tall, Handsome Chocolate colored Guy searching for a Beautiful, Dark, tall Muhima Girl with Hips above 22yrs, working and ready for a blood test and serious relationship leading to marriage.
Call, SMS : 0786822882 or 0703339211.

I’m searching for a lady for relationship and marriage aged 18 to 28, Call me 0752216474.

Zam Zam, KIU

Hi , I’m Steve, 21 years old, in need of a financially stable Sugar lady, age not a problem, contact 0751339145.

Hey, I’m Santos, aged 28 years old, working, single man searching for a beautiful lady for marriage aged 20-26 years, should be working class. HIV test it’s a must, call 0755688075, 0717612629.

I am Ivan, aged 23 years, skilled, waiting for a rich woman between 20-30 Years,call 0785760505,0754264470:

I’m Lutaaya, 25 years, looking” for a woman aged 18-30, call 0759093370.

Hi, I’m Rose, 26 years old, mother of 3, looking for a man who is above 35 years of age. I’m in Kampala alone without my children, but if you have money and care you call 0708331644.

Hi, I’m Ampton, 20 years, from Kampala, looking for a sugar lady aged 25-45 years, call 0771207864.

I’m looking for a lady of any age for real love and marriage, text or call 0773310666.

Shamira Nakalema, is searching

David, a strong and hard-working man looking for a sugar lady who is willing do anything to me for love and fun. I’m HIV negative. Call 0774960485

This is Daniel from Busega, searching for a serious hardworking, lovely, beautiful,brownskinned lady, who is rich, I don’t care about age, 0700432835.

Ondekane is looking for a babe between 23-30.HIV Negative,for a serious relationship leading to marriage. Contact 0780999778.

I’m Eddie, 52 years and working. My interest is to hook up with a cute lady of 40 years,must be tall and chocolate brown,and with an education, call 0752786115.

I’m Jacob Olo, working in Nakawa, looking for a woman aged 18-26, call me on 0788275126\0757543038.

Hey, this Susan searching for good financially ok tall gentleman for a relationship. Contact 0755334183

I am Michael Murungi, a Ugandan, not working, looking for a sugar mama aged 30-37 who is working and ready for warm love, if interested please call 0759393026.

I’m Jim, 32 years, from Kampala looking for a brown, loaded lady between 25-35 years for private love, call 0701727096.

I’m Musa, 22 years, single and searching for a single Mama, any one who is serious should call me on 0776277840 0705073004.

I’m MM from Kamuli, aged 30 years , searching for serious employed/ business lady between 21-38 years and ready for HIV test, call 0754898428.

I’m Mark, aged 25 years, looking a lady aged 19-24 years, who is ready to be with me in a serious relationship. She has to be beautiful with nice shape and size and educated, ready for HIV/AIDS testing. Call 0787568498. A Muchiga no, northern tribe no.

I am Rina, 28, from Kampala looking for a white man who is financially stable between 28 to 50 years for a serious relationship call 0702449796.

Rina, is searching

Hi, I am Tinah, a graduate mother of two, searching for a serious man for a serious relationship leading to marriage, aged 40 to 50 years. You must be working like me call/ text 0785530222, no jokers

I’m Hassan Solo, aged 23 years, searching for lady aged 19-30, she must be working, a business lady or financially fit, call 0701244808-0781598214.

I’m Ronald, 25 years, from Munyonyo, I need a serious woman for real love, call 0759287400, 0773389036.

I’m a beautiful, 30-year-old employed and fully independent mother of one in need of an educated, handsome well-built employed man not older than 50. Call Melanie on +256701926161

My name is John, I reside in Kampala, in search of a lady aged 25 years and above, ready for marriage. I’m a working class, call 0701559617.

I’m Paul, 27 years, looking for a sugar mama who needs love, call 0797312300.

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